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Together We Soar!

Congratulations! You are a part of the REALTOR® family! By being a member of the Sacramento Association of REALTOR®S, you afford yourself opportunities in education, networking, ethical training, political advocacy and friendship. The Sacramento Association of REALTOR® has a proud history of leading our members to cutting edge education in technology, contracts, ethics, finance and much more.

Whether you enjoy attending weekly meetings close to you or our Main Meetings at the Mack Powell Event Center, networking with the Young Professionals Network, or at our numerous events, you now have every opportunity to get to know your fellow REALTOR®S and affiliates.

By being a REALTOR®, you now are a member of an elite group that adheres to a higher standard of care. You have agreed to conduct yourself according to our Code of Ethics, a set of rules that sets REALTOR®S apart from non-REALTOR® agents. REALTOR®S are the only advocates for homeowners and we take this responsibility seriously. We pay attention to laws being introduced and how they affect homeownership and our ability to represent homeowners. The Sacramento Association of REALTOR®S works diligently with our public officials to solve problems together, before a law is necessary.

Our association has many ways you can participate and it is our hope that you do get involved. Whether your passion is in education, politics, technology, ethics or community involvement, there is a place for you! Please don’t hesitate to let your desire to participate in our association be known! I have found one of the most important benefits of being a member of the Sacramento Association of REALTOR®S is the outstanding friendships I have developed. This association boasts some of the brightest and most caring people I have had the privilege to know. It would be my hope that you have the same wonderful experience.

I look forward to visiting with you in the coming year!

Paula Swayne