Barbara Harsch

My client wants to list a house that is in probate. How do I do that? Is it really true that some homes downtown are not connected to the sewer line? What is a dye test? How can I make Facebook work for me?

The answers to these and other questions can be answered through EDUCATION. The Education Committee keeps arranging wonderful classes from Lunch and Learns on small topics to national trainers on large problems. There are certification classes, classes for DRE credit and just ones that are darn interesting! I am looking forward to the one on body language being taught in July.

There are informative speakers at the Finance Forum, the Main Meetings, the Regional Meetings, the Public Issues Forum and the Industry Update Forum. It is true that one can never know too much about one’s profession. As REALTORS® we pride ourselves on professionalism. It is what sets us apart from a non-REALTOR® licensee.

Congratulations to Deniece Ross-Francom, Chair, Leon Williams, Co-chair and the whole Education Committee for having as many students through our classes year-to-date as we had all of last year.

Here are some of the numbers. By the end of June, we held 55 classes, with more than 2,500 students in attendance. In 2009, we had offered 44 classes by June with an attendance of 1,475.

It has been a full year since the Broker Tuition Card was introduced. This card entitles owners to a full 12-months worth of training for only $200 (designation, video seminars and home studies excluded). The card has saved card holders an average of $250 in classes. It has saved a number of offices over $1,000. Broker tuition card users account for 400 of the 2,500 attendees year-to-date.

Ask your broker about the Broker tuition card, which will allow one person per card per class. Check our progress in each month’s SAR newsletter. You are never too old to learn!