Marty Swingle
1. How long have you been a Member of SAR? I joined SAR in 2006, right after I got my Real Estate salesperson license. Now that I have my own company, Capital West Realty, being a member of SAR is more important than ever for me. 2. What did you do before you were a REALTOR®? Prior to becoming a REALTOR®, I was a Program Manager for AT&T Wireless, responsible for the efficient operation of 23 call centers across the country. When Cingular Wireless took over AT&T Wireless, I had to lay off my entire team and I decided it was time to turn my real estate hobby into a career. 3. What do you like best about being in real estate? My absolute favorite thing is to give the keys to first time home buyers. It’s always emotional and exciting and that’s when I really feel the work I do is actually helping others achieve their goals. 4. How have you adjusted to changing market conditions in the past couple years? I have only known a declining market as I obtained my license after the bubble burst. As a new agent, I was looking for a niche and got accepted as an REO agent, against the advice of others at that time, who said it was not a good idea. I work with several banks now and that has been fantastic. I was a little late to the short sale party, but now that I have the skills to negotiate them effectively, I now include that in my portfolio and I am able to help my clients who need this service. 5. What have been some of your favorite programs/committees/activities at SAR? I give credit to Scott Short for getting me involved with SAR early in my career. Scott invited me to the Equal Opportunity and Cultural Diversity Committee, which I enjoyed. I am a newly elected SAR Board Member, I am a trustee on the SAR Political Action Committee, and I am on the award winning REALTOR® Action Fund Task Force. I really enjoy being involved with local politics and feel honored to be a part of the SAR PAC, as well as helping to raise the funds needed to make our PAC effective in this region. 6. You were recently elected to SAR’s Board of Directors. What motivated you to run for this office? I am already very involved with SAR and I promote our Association every chance I get and wanted to be on the Board of Directors to help to continue to steer the Association in the proper direction to benefit all Members. I had intended on completing the SAR Leadership Academy first, but I was nominated for the Board and decided that the time was right. I still intend to complete the leadership program, but am very happy that the Membership has elected me to the Board. 7. Hobbies or other activities? I am a drummer in a popular band called “Lady and the Tramps.” In fact, we have played at a couple of REALTOR® events, including the C.A.R. Casino Night fundraiser at the Sheraton and also the Master’s Club Golf Tournament. We played 18 shows this year at various locations and it is a great way to have fun! I am also the President of Habitat For Humanity Yolo County and I am a commissioner on the West Sacramento Housing Advisory Commission. 8. How long have you lived in Sacramento? My wife, Babs Sandeen, and I have lived in West Sacramento since 2002, moving up here from Newport Beach, CA. 9. What are some of your favorite places to visit? We travel a lot, but I always love to go to Kapalua Bay, Maui, where my wife and I were married. 10. What would you do if you weren’t a real estate professional? I always say that when I retire, I’m going to play bass in a Hula band in Hawaii, but really I can’t imagine doing anything other than helping people buy and sell their homes. 11. What’s a good book you’ve read recently? I have read so many trade journals and business-related books leading up to opening my own company that I haven’t taken the time to pick a nonwork book for a long time, other than downloading “Sh*t My Dad Says” to my iPhone Kindle app, which made me laugh out loud. If I have a choice between drama and funny, I pick funny everytime. 12. What would people be surprised to learn about you? I think people would be surprised to learn that I had a 10 acre ranch in Texas and that I’m a pretty good skateboarder