2011 SAR President Doug Covill

Five goals – some specific, some far-reaching – have guided the leaders and staff of SAR this year as we all work to serve you, our Members. As you read through this brief review, you will see that we have accomplished a lot this year.

  1. Improve Communications
  2. Develop a Green Program
  3. Establish a 501 (c) 3 Foundation
  4. Increase Diversity in Participation and in the Leadership
  5. Continue Focusing on SAR as a Progressive, Evolving Organization

SAR’s new charitable foundation will be fully up and running in 2012. Kathy Fox led the task force and Charlene Singley now chairs the Foundation board. Kathy continues to serve as vice-chair.

SAR continues to be recognized for its charitable contributions. Allison Couchman and Jenifer Miller led the Community Outreach Committee. With fewer dollars to distribute, committee members shifted their efforts to developing relationships with the charities SAR Members support. Watch this newsletter every month to learn about the charities and how you can volunteer.

The CanTree Committee under Ilah Turner and Bobby Campbell put on the Crab Fest and Sip & Support and has just finished building two Can Trees. Twenty nine years and going strong! Thanks to their efforts, SAR has given more than $2 million to the Salvation Army.

Led by Sandi Burden-Bradley and Ted Williams, the Equal Opportunity Committee organized a highly successful Multi Chamber Mixer, with the numerous ethnic chambers of commerce in the Sacramento area. They also worked on strengthening our relationship with the Asian Real Estate Association of American, Realtists and the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals.

One of our most important efforts for looking to the future is our Leadership Academy, led this year by Stephen T. Webb and Deniece Ross-Francom. Fourteen graduates are ready to take their places in SAR leadership.

The Housing Opportunity Committee, led by Linda Bennett and Scott Short, continued to educate Members on sources of funding for buyers, through their ever-popular “Show Me The Money” events.

Education continued to provide one of our most valuable services to Members this year, thanks to the leadership of Leon Williams and Sue Frost. On-line video classes will be offered by the end of this year.

When 34 area students received college scholarships from the Sacramento Association of REALTORS® on June 7, they joined a group of students reaching back 49 years. Under the unflagging leadership of Perry Georgallis, the Scholarship Trustees gave out $38,250.

Government Relations under Barbara Harsch kept a watchful eye on area politics. Point of sale proposals remain a serious concern, followed closely by business licensing issues. SAR consistently supports energy efficiency and conservation on a voluntary basis.

With Chris Little in charge, the Budget Committee kept us on a straight financial path.

The Grievance Committee and Pro Standards Committee help uphold the Code of Ethics that defines us as REALTORS®. Grievance was ably led this year by Kevin Cooper and Alicia Guzman-Folster. Bruce Werking and Richard Kitowski led Pro Standards.

All Members should come to at least one of our three forums, which are open to everyone. Public Issues, led by Chris Little; Industry Update, chaired by Patrick Lieuw, and Real Estate Finance, chaired by Scott Short, meet every month and provide you with valuable information.

The Young Professionals, led by Heather Pearce and Jessica Lombardo, put on monthly forums and three fundraising events: the Vendor Fair, the RiverCats Game and the Winter Wonderland Gala – to support several charities. Our YPC is also a model for other REALTOR® Associations in California.

The Masters Club, led by Ted Russert, put on many events and mixers including the golf tournament. They gave $8,000 to St. John’s Shelter Program for Women & Children and the North Roseville REC Center.

A weekly Office Liaison Report now provides a 400-words-or-less review of upcoming activities and Membership benefits, to be read at weekly office meetings. The Marketing and Communications Committee, under Kellie Swayne’s guidance, aims to further improve communications with Members.

The Technology Advisory Committee, chaired by Erin Attardi, provides tech tips in the newsletter every month. They will also help analyze the demo-graphic data gleaned from scanning Membership cards, all with the goal of improving Member services.

Jeff Jurach and Garrett Abben hit a home run with the NorCal Real Estate Expo, including more than 30 REALTOR® Associations from throughout Northern California and holding it at the Convention Center for a truly regional event.

Izzy Y-Devine and Bill Espinosa kept the Regional Meetings on track this year. A new one is starting on a monthly basis in North Natomas.

The REALTOR® Action Fund committee is one of our newer committees. Under Kellie Swayne’s leadership, 27% of Members continue to invest voluntarily. SAR won three fundraising awards from C.A.R. this year and brought in more PAC dollars than Associations twice the size of SAR. Judy Covington leads our Political Action Trustees as they make important, well-studied decisions on candidates and issues.

At SAR, we are so lucky. What we have on staff, under the leadership of Nelson Janes, our top-notch CEO, and what we do for our Members, is great. At NAR and C.A.R., I meet presidents from Associations twice our size who don’t offer a fraction of what we do. Sure, there’s always room for improvement but at SAR, we are so, so fortunate.

Thank you, one and all!