A major step was reached in late July when the SAR Charitable Foundation received formal notification from the IRS that it has been approved. That little piece of the puzzle was the final building block SAR has been waiting for before moving ahead full steam. “With the Foundation in place, SAR can be an ever stronger presence in our community since we can now have an even greater impact on our philanthropic endeavors in the Sacramento area, and at the same time enhance the image of SAR as a whole and every single one of our members as they work in our community on a daily basis,” Charlene Singley, chair of the Foundation, said as she recognized the good news. Contributions to many SAR projects, such as CanTree, can now be tax deductible. “The Board of Directors of the Foundation and SAR staff worked for over a year to get us to this point,” Charlene noted. The Board of Directors consists of Vice Chair, Kathy Fox; Secretary, Leon Williams; Treasurer, Paula Swayne, and Francisco Cuellar, Steve Galster, Barbara Harsch and Heather Pearce. Among the next steps for the Foundation Board are fundraising and Board elections. “This is a working board, and Foundation directors are expected to make a personal contribution to the Foundation and commit to raising funds,” Charlene said. The formation of the charitable foundation is a very important service for SAR and our Members. Anyone who is interested in learning more about becoming a Foundation director should get in touch with Charlene at Charlene@charlenesingley.com or Janelle Fallan, SAR Director of Public Affairs, jfallan@sacrealtor.org.