Check in with the Foundation It’s CanTree season. And that means many generous REALTOR® offices are holding fundraising events. With the Charitable Foundation now in place, event flyers should note that funds will go to the “SAR Charitable Foundation for the benefit of CanTree.” Checks should be made out to the SAR Charitable Foundation, with CanTree noted in the memo line. If your office is planning a fundraiser, please send an email to Janelle Fallan, Director of Public Affairs, at with the following information:
  • Name of the event
  • Date
  • Location
  • Brief description of the event
  • Designated recipient, if any
Promotional materials should say that the funds will go to the “SAR Charitable Foundation” or “SAR Charitable Foundation for the benefit of (name of designated recipient).” Be sure to allow enough time for the Board of Directors of the Charitable Foundation to review the event. Onehundred percent of funds raised for a specific cause, such as CanTree, will go to that cause. The Charitable Foundation acts as a conduit. The formation of the Foundation will mean better recognition for Members’ contributions and further, many donations may now be tax deductible that were not in the past.