Chris Little
It is both thrilling and humbling to serve my fellow REALTORS® as your president this year. And what an exciting year we have ahead of us. This year’s theme is Building a Foundation for the Future. The significance of the foundation is important. The foundations we build upon for our businesses, our homes and our communities determine how high we can go. I believe the Sacramento Association of REALTORS® provides our Members with a deep and strong foundation to build a successful career in real estate. The REALTOR® foundation we provide consists of education, ethics, political advocacy, charitable giving and a menu of incredible member services. Each component is important to our individual and collective success. The education at SAR provides us with the knowledge to be better at our profession. I challenge each of you to take at least one course at SAR in 2013. Whether it is a Lunch & Learn course, certification course, or just something of interest to you, I am confident you will learn something that will make you a better REALTOR®. Our Code of Ethics is what distinguishes us REALTORS® in our profession. It is part of our REALTOR® “brand” and we should be very proud of it. This July marks the 100th Anniversary of the “Code.” We will be commemorating the milestone this year. The Code of Ethics begins with the phrase, “Under all is the land…” As REALTORS® we are the primary advocate for private property rights in America. Political advocacy is essential to a healthy democracy. Our vigorous support of property rights and the development and security of our neighborhoods is one of our ongoing contributions to our community and our nation. A further commitment to our community is through our charitable giving. The new SAR Charitable Foundation enables us to continue our support of many important causes in our community through a more focused process. Another significant piece of our REALTOR® foundation is our Member benefits. SAR provides our Members the support we need to be successful in our daily business with everything from group health insurance to our outstanding retail store and much more. The cornerstone of SAR, the critical piece, is our staff and volunteers. The staff’s great work ethic, enthusiasm and smiles make everything happen day in and day out. The volunteers bring passion to their positions as well and it shows in the results of their efforts. Thank you again for the opportunity to serve as your president in 2013. I look forward to working with you in 2013 Building a Foundation for the Future. Let’s work hard, have fun and make 2013 a memorable year together.