Money is fickle, and we will all find ourselves at varying points on the financial ladder through different seasons in our life. Many of us will either break into or stay in the middle class. Then there are those whose hard work, good fortune, or combination of the two will break them into the upper class. At this stage, it’s all about who can show off the most money. And oh how they show off. Here is a list displaying the extravagance of the top five most exclusive gated communities in the United States. 5) Conyers Farm in Greenwich, Connecticut Located just one hour from New York City, Conyers Farms might be the forerunner for putting a community of ridiculously extravagant homes in rural settings immediately adjacent to major urban centers. The area first began it’s conversion to top-tier exclusivity in the 1980’s and features extensive forest, private roads, riding paths, hiking trails, it’s own private lake, and oh so much more. While the entire community covers an astounding 1,500 acres, individual lots range from 10-20 acres and cost anywhere from $6.5 – $19+ million. 4) Royal Palm Yacht and Country Club in Boca Raton, Florida As could be expected from an exclusive gated community bordering the famous Boca Raton Resort and Club, golf clubs and waterfront dwellings are the highlight of this country club. In addition to a Jack Nicklaus signature golf course, the club features it’s own yacht facilities, a full-service marina, and a state-of-the-art fitness center. Many of the lavish estates border deep-water areas, allowing for the direct docking of their own personal yachts. The club covers 450 acres, with individual lots covering over 20,000 square feet. Lot prices range between $800,000 and $20+ million, and multiple homeowners have purchased as many as five lots. 3) Tuxedo Park in Tuxedo Park, New York Representing the finer aspects of historical America, Tuxedo Park is a monument to both old money and classic excellence. This 2,600 acre gated community is less about showmanship and more about enduring quality. Founded in the 1880’s this community is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. No two residences are similar and many of the mansions themselves were designed by the famous architects of their time. Homes for sale in this slice of heaven run between $500,000 and $5 million, with prices jumping significantly every year. 2) Hidden Hills in Los Angeles, California Hidden Hills community is an incorporated city of almost 700 homes. It is a world all it’s own, and visitors are frequently shocked at the preserved rural lifestyle found here, despite it’s location in highly urbanized Los Angeles County. Here you’ll find three-rail fences and equestrian trails in the place of sidewalks and street lights. Kids will be picked up from school on horseback and taken back to elaborate ranch style homes, uniquely typifying a historic Southern California lifestyle in the midst of modern times. You can expect the average home to set you back a quaint $3.5 million, or if you happen to be iconic pop star Britney Spears, $20 million isn’t too high for the extravagant digs pictured above. 1) Emerald Bay in Laguna Beach, California With the distinguishing feature of counting Warren Buffett among its residents, Emerald Bay may well be the most exclusive gated community in the United States. During the peak of the real estate market, as many as 90 homes held $20 million price tags, with more than 20 residences still holding this impressive price point through the trough of the recession. The beauty of Emerald Bay, located along Laguna Beach is unrivaled in the U.S., and its location just 50 miles from the heart of Los Angeles makes it an ideal getaway spot for the fabulously wealthy. 135 acres of parkland and eight waterfront properties costing over $35 million each put Emerald Bay in a class of its own. Author Bio Tiffany Olson lives in beautiful Northern California. By day she hails as Communications Manager at a small web company. Her job to educate people on how to be get finance now for personal needs on a wide variety of topics including gated communities in Redding, CA.      On her off time you will find her exploring all of the wonder that the North State has to offer.