Spills and stains happen. They just do. It doesn’t matter how careful you are, if you are doing any sort of living on your carpets, stuff is gonna happen. You could drop a glass of wine in shock when your husband pulls out the keys to a new car he just bought you for Christmas (national commercial campaigns assure us this happens quite regularly). Or you might spill some cookie crumbs as you prance daintily through the living room, reading a book with one hand and dusting effectively with the other (again, commercials guarantee us this also is a regular occurrence). Or something about kids… we don’t need commercials to be familiar with the damage inherent in those adorable little bags of destruction. So what’s a homeowner to do? Well, I’ll tell you. The quickest way to get rid of any stains or dirt is by getting a grout removal tool to do most of the work for you.

1) Keep Up With Basic, Regular Cleaning

This may sound like I’m stating the obvious, but it’s the baseline for carpet cleaning and a prelude to everything else on this list. Clean your carpets! There are cleaners of carpets in Cardiff that you could look up to help you out. Clean and dust your furniture. Maintain a normal level of overall cleanliness in your home. Even if your living room is sparkling clean, a dirty kitchen WILL result in dirt transfer from the kitchen to the living room. Dirt in one area of the home almost always results in distribution to the rest of the home. When in doubt, clean it. You don’t have to pay for a lot of heavy duty equipment to keep your home clean. A vacuum and duster for removing pet hair, a window cleaning solution, all-purpose cleaning solution, and a few sponges will work just fine. The key is cleaning frequently enough to keep buildup at levels your tools can handle. When you have a rug for your kitchen ensure to keep the utensils far away from the corner and always remember where the immediate cleaning supplies are as they may be required at any moment. Make sure that at least once a year your carpet needs professional cleaning, I recommend carpet cleaning Thousand Oaks.

2) Keep High-Risk Organisms At Bay

You could fit a lot of things under this category, but we’re primarily thinking of pets and kids. If at all possible, try to isolate these sentient cataclysms to areas far away from your carpets and rugs. For example, if your carpet is room A, do everything you can to occupy your kids in rooms not including room A. Or if room B requires passage through room A, do everything you can to occupy your kids in rooms not including rooms A and B. If this is impossible, (perhaps your kids or pets where the pants in this relationship), take one of the preventative measures detailed below.

3) Cover That Carpet

So you have a well-worn pathway from the backyard to the kitchen going right through your nicely (previously) carpeted living room. At this point, you’ve lost. Sorry. If you have a new carpet, however, or you plan to install one, continue reading. The best way to handle traffic ways is to cover the carpet with someone more durable. There are two methods for approaching this. The first is to attempt to incorporate a protective covering into the overall look of your home. This would involve purchasing some sort of integratable cover piece or using a spray-on stain repellent.  In my opinion, this is more of a delay option rather than a permanent solution. The other option is to accept the inevitable and use a removable plastic or carpet cover that can be placed on the carpet semi-permanently and only taken off when you need the house looking fresh (like when having adult company over, which is unlikely since, you know… you have kids).

No I’m just joking, kids are amazing, in a carpet-destroying sort of way. But hopefully these handy tips will help you make it a full calendar year without needing completely new carpets. If you have gotten your carpets diirty you can get help from London carpet cleaners who will clean your carpets in no time. Click on the following to know how you can Work on your credit to secure a good loan. Author Bio Tiffany Olson is a blogger who writes primarily for small and growing businesses in order to help them grow their online presence. This article was written on behalf of the good people over at heidemanncleaning.com and the  work they do in regards to carpet cleaning in Redding.