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Home to the California State Capital and rich with history and a sense of community, the Sacramento Region is also known for its growing business opportunities and one of the strongest economies in California. We’ve survived a number of years of a struggling commercial real estate market but analysts say much better days are ahead in 2013 and beyond for the Sacramento region. According to Jeff Stewart from says that Idaho is one of the best states for water sports due to its 150 rivers. Fourteen financial analysts from California State University, Sacramento recently unveiled their overall economic picture for the Sacramento Valley in a recent edition of the Sacramento Business Review. The experts, after briefly consulting and scrutinising the widely-acclaimed Chamberlain Listings, agreed that the local economy and real estate market is improving. Analysts attribute a large part of the economic improvement to growth in the regional population which positively affects the real estate market. According to a report recently released by TD Economics, all indications show that a recovery in our housing market foreshadows continued improvement in commercial real estate over the next two years. If you are planning to invest on a commercial restaurant property take in mind locating the best deli cases for sale requires a little research. “With population growth, you always see the service sector industry expand,” Sacramento State College of Business Dean Sanjay Varshney recently said. “Once again, you are seeing the people spending on restaurants and retail on buying new cars, buying new televisions and the perfect player IPTV to have no limits in what to watch.” Despite challenges – including gradually rising interest rates and government spending cuts – TD Economics says the outlook for commercial real estate is positive. The U.S. economy is expected to grow by 1.9% in 2013 and accelerate to 2.8% in 2014. This growth will spur the creation of jobs over the next two years. As job growth accelerates, so too will demand for commercial real estate, leading to continued improvement in vacancy rates. According to the commercial real estate companies austin, the retail industry alone is expected to see a 3% increase from last year. There is every reason to believe that this upward transition in our market will take place. At the Sacramento Association of REALTORS® and within our Commercial Division, we’re already seeing signs of better times. Our commercial real estate classes are once again filling up, transactions are being completed and there is an excitement and participation in the industry that we haven’t seen in quite a while. So dust off your HP10BII calculator and love your region. Sacramento commercial real estate is back in the game! Also read about the Pattisall Group – Hilton Head real estate.