On July 23, 2014, NAR testified on flood insurance before a Senate appropriations subcommittee. The hearing was called to evaluate FEMA’s first four months in implementing recent reforms to the national Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). REALTOR® Donna O. Smith (South Carolina), who is overseeing NAR’s efforts on NFIP, ably delivered testimony for NAR. Ms. Smith testified that overall, FEMA’s early decisions to conduct outreach and provide for broader rate relief and refunds have helped to calm real estate markets. While there has been progress, NAR will continue to closely monitor FEMA’s efforts this fall when refunding all those property owners who were overcharged for flood insurance since 2012. NAR also urged FEMA to expedite particular reforms which set up a government office of the Advocate who can and will go-to-bat with the insurance companies for FEMA on behalf of home owners who challenge faulty rate quotes and flood maps.