C.A.R. had been opposing AB 2416 (Stone), a bill that creates a new kind of lien for wage claim disputes. C.A.R. opposed AB 2416 because it denies due process to the owner of the property and unnecessarily clouds title. AB 2416 failed in the Senate on a bi-partisan vote, but was eligible for another vote on the last day the Legislature was in session this year. AB 2416 required 21 “Yes” votes to pass the Senate; it only received 13. The proponents were unable to muster enough votes to bring the bill up again, and the bill died as the legislative session ended. REALTOR® activism played a critical role in defeating what was a very bad piece of legislation. While C.A.R. worked as part of a coalition to oppose the bill, it was the thousands of REALTOR® calls, Tweets, and Facebook updates that made the difference. Thank you to everyone who responded to the Red Alert!