The California Association of REALTORS® is supporting Proposition 1 on the November ballot. If approved this will authorize $7.1 billion of general obligation bonds to fund water infrastructure. Including money for water management and conservation projects, water quality projects, water recycling projects, water storage projects, and flood management projects.

Proponents argue that this measure is a fiscally responsible bond, providing investment in only critical projects while requiring spending accountability through annual audits and public disclosure. This measure received bi-partisan support in the California State Legislature and was approved with only two no votes in the Assembly, one Democrat, and one Republican.

California’s water woes began long before this current historic drought. Proposition 1 is truly a compromise between Democrats and Republicans both in the essential water projects funded, and the total amount of the bond. This measure is critical to the future success of California’s communities. Without water, housing cannot thrive.

Your REALTOR® Associations only become involved in issues that are related to housing and private property rights. The remaining Propositions on the November ballot were deemed by the C.A.R. Board of Directors "not real estate related" so C.A.R. has no position on them.