Affordable housing is receiving significant attention at the local and state levels at the present time, and for good reason. As per Nortech Servicesmany areas of California have come out of the real estate downturn, housing prices have shot up due to lack of supply and many families are again priced out of the market. While that trend is not nearly as dramatic in Sacramento, affordable housing is always an important topic that deserves attention from those in the housing industry. You can check out this page and take a look into properties that are cost effective. Assembly Bill 1335, which would create an affordable housing trust fund in California, is now a two–year bill and will continue to work its way through the legislative process when the legislature reconvenes. This bill would fund an affordable housing trust fund through a $75 per document recording fee. The California Association of REALTORS® Board of Directors voted to support this bill after REALTORS® were granted a number of amendments, namely exempting transactions and limiting the fee to $225 per transaction. The Sacramento Association of REALTORS® was instrumental in getting C.A.R. to back this bill. While the Sacramento market still remains affordable for many families, affordable housing is a topic that needs a statewide solution, not piecemeal done local jurisdiction by local jurisdiction. SAR supported the City of Sacramento’s recent move to adopt an in lieu fee for affordable housing. Most jurisdictions throughout the Sacramento Region previously prescribed to inclusionary zoning ordinances that required builders to dedicate a specific percentage of their development to low income families. However, in practice, it was found these requirements were not effective. And local jurisdictions, including the City of Sacramento, are switching to in lieu fees where the developer pays money to an affordable housing trust fund which will be later used to develop housing. While SAR is clearly supportive of affordable housing, SAR supported the in lieu fee option because local developers and the Building Industry Association was its principal proponent and had asked SAR for its support. The builders like the fee option because it provides a certainty to their projects that the inclusionary option does not. I buy houses Knox under other conditions. While the future of AB 1335 is up in the air at the present time, the author of the bill, Toni Atkins, will no longer be Speaker of the Assembly come January due to term limits. A statewide solution for affordable housing is essential. Piecemeal solutions throughout California, which are dependent on a local jurisdiction’s commitment to affordable housing, are not equitable for the families that need access to affordable housing. It is reassuring for our residents in the Sacramento region to have leaders who are committed to discussing different solutions to fund affordable housing. But more needs to be done. – Caylyn Brown, Public Affairs Consultant