March 2015
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Giving Thanks

Barbara Harsch

THANKSGIVING… So much to be grateful for. This has been an amazing year at SAR. The talent we have both with the staff and with all of our chairmen and committees has been an inspiration. They have made being President an easy job. Our Members have benefited greatly from their knowledge and hard work. Despite […]

Giving Back

Barbara Harsch

SAR Members raises and give a great deal of money to various community organizations, and I can say from going to events to represent you, that the organizations are doing great good against high odds. I was unacquainted with many of these organizations and am humbled by the work they do.

What are you doing […]

Stay Safe

Barbara Harsch

SAFETY… When I think of safety for REALTORS®, I think of physical safety while showing property or holding open houses. In real estate, we do everything our parents taught us not to do: we put strangers in our cars and we meet people in vacant houses.

I got my first car phone after being stranded […]

The Value of Education

Barbara Harsch

My client wants to list a house that is in probate. How do I do that? Is it really true that some homes downtown are not connected to the sewer line? What is a dye test? How can I make Facebook work for me?

The answers to these and other questions can be answered through […]

Building Relationships through Cap-to-Cap

Barbara Harsch

By the time you read this, some 300 Sacramentans, including six representatives from SAR, will have returned from the Metro Chamber’s Cap-to-Cap trip to Washington DC.

The annual Cap-to-Cap program brings the region’s business, labor and government leaders together to build consensus for important regional priorities. Volunteers working on 13 teams will bring the region’s […]

Thoughts on Turning 75

Some things change in life and some do not. I have been thinking of the changes I have seen in my life time.

When I was a little girl, I rode trolleys up and down J Street. When you called and the phone was busy, you called again. The answering machine was the mother […]