February 2015
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Tech Tip-September 2012

Bruce Slaton

Technology is here to stay, the internet is not going away anytime soon. But it’s the implementation of technology in our real estate businesses in a manner that benefits our production and/or lead generation that should be the goal of every REALTOR in our association. In this article I will highlight some of the technology […]

What is the Internet Saying About You? Google Yourself to Find Out!

Google Alerts

In a world where almost anything is a quick search and click away, it has become important for REALTORS® to keep an eye on how they are perceived online. How many times have you googled someone? Chances are they are googling you as well. With more and more real estate clients using the internet in […]

SEO – Help From the Search Engines Themselves

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a topic that’s probably had millions of pages written about it on the Internet. Gurus are everywhere, with advice both free and paid. The advice runs from excellent to downright silly, with penalties placed on sites by Google and Yahoo when bad advice is followed in an attempt to […]

IDX – If Real Estate is Location, Location, Location – Then Map, Map, Map

We all know that location is arguably the most important aspect of real estate. You won’t be buying a home where you can’t get to work, school or the other things important to you and your family. So, if location is so important, then it is only logical to assume that mapping, and lots of […]

Mapping, Google’s Local Business Center & Going Mobile

It’s an exciting time in technology innovation, particularly as it relates to our real estate marketing practices. With cell phones getting smarter, netbook computers, and faster broadband access, Americans are going mobile at a frantic pace. The search engines, especially Google, have been important sources of website and blog traffic for quite some time. Now […]

Google Latitude – How Might It Work for Real Estate?

Google Latitude is a new Google Map service that is proving to be quite popular with Internet enabled cell phone users. Once installed on your phone, you can import your contacts and friends, and invite them to share locations with you. In other words, you can let your selected contacts […]

Google Personalized Search – What They Want Can Bring Them Back

Advancements and enhancements are being introduced now by Google for the improvement of their Personalized Search. Google Personalized Search uses the history of searches by the user to present different results based on previous searches. An example given was a May 13th, 2009 | Tags: , , , , | Category: Press Release, Website | Leave a comment

The Simple Truths about Real Estate SEO

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is possibly the most bandied-about phrase on the Web. Gurus are everywhere claiming to be able to get you top search engine positions in a hurry… at a price. Some actually can help you in this regard, but any fast results are usually based on techniques the search engines soon […]

Being Frugal With Google – The Free Office Suite

Do you have any idea how thrilled the Monks were when the printing press was invented? They could put up the quill pens and get over the old version of carpal tunnel. As a real estate professional in today’s Internet world, you should be ecstatic with the free tools available.

The suite of tools from […]