March 2015
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Focus on Accomplishments

Patrick Lieuw

This is my final letter to you. The year has just zoomed by. Where do I begin? It is our tradition to thank committee chairs and vice-chairs, and we have 250 volunteers this year whom I wish I had the space to recognize. When you are President, you really see just how much everyone contributes […]

Charitable Foundation – the Next Step in Philanthropy

The new SAR Charitable Foundation will help SAR extend its philanthropic efforts.

In the words of Paula Swayne, Treasurer of the Charitable Foundation: “REALTORS® are deeply committed to the community and the neighborhoods in which they specialize. Part of their involvement in the community is supporting causes that enhance the lives of the people inhabiting […]

SAR Foundation Receives IRS Recognition

A major step was reached in late July when the SAR Charitable Foundation received formal notification from the IRS that it has been approved. That little piece of the puzzle was the final building block SAR has been waiting for before moving ahead full steam.

“With the Foundation in place, SAR can be an ever […]

President’s Perspective – December 2011

2011 SAR President Doug Covill

Five goals – some specific, some far-reaching – have guided the leaders and staff of SAR this year as we all work to serve you, our Members. As you read through this brief review, you will see that we have accomplished a lot this year.

Improve Communications Develop a Green Program Establish a 501 (c) […]

Obama To Provide Path To Major Reform Of America’s Housing Market

Leon Williams

Did you hear? The Obama Administration just delivered a report to congress where it is outlining major reform to our housing market. What does this mean? According to Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner, they are laying out a plan for fundamental reform on a responsible timeline. The goal is to: 1. wind down the GSEs, 2. […]

Elk Grove Christmas CanTree Video

Leon Williams

I hope your Christmas was wonderful. I am sharing a link for a video of the SAR 2010 Elk Grove CanTree Build. Also, if you want to participate in next years CanTree Build or are interested in being on the CanTree Committee click on the “Subscribe” tab and your name and number will be forwarded […]

The Value of Education

Barbara Harsch

My client wants to list a house that is in probate. How do I do that? Is it really true that some homes downtown are not connected to the sewer line? What is a dye test? How can I make Facebook work for me?

The answers to these and other questions can be answered through […]