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Public Affairs

REALTORS® know how important it is to stay informed on current events, policies and issues that directly affect the real estate market and community. They also understand the importance of healthy communities and community involvement.  These priorities are reflected in the Public Affairs Department of the Sacramento Association of REALTORS®.

Government Affairs

SAR is well-respected in local government for its long-time and responsible involvement in local politics.  Our goal is always to protect private property rights and private property values, helping to preserve your ability to earn a living. SAR fights for REALTORS®, including opposing mandatory point-of-sale retrofits, the requirement of additional business licenses and burdensome sign ordinances, to give just a few examples. SAR opposes issues that might hinder the business of REALTORS®.

Members support these efforts by investing in the REALTOR® Action Fund (RAF) every year. RAF is used to support or oppose issues that impact REALTORS® and also to support political candidates who support private property rights. Investments in 2008 alone raised over $97,000! Thank you, Members!

SAR is able to be a key political player with help from our Political Advocate, our Government Affairs Director and our REALTOR®-based Political Action Trustees and Government Affairs Committee.

Community Relations

SAR also highly regards its connection with the community and it shows. In a recent article in the Sacramento Business Journal, SAR was ranked in the top 25 local companies for corporate philanthropy. SAR's position at #14 in 2008, in the midst of mostly for-profit businesses and in the midst of a real estate downturn, is a source of pride and an indicator of how REALTORS® are connected with the community and how they make a difference.

Not included in the #14 ranking was the $65,495 raised by our Christmas CanTree program for the Salvation Army. Since its inception 27 years ago, the SAR Christmas CanTree has raised in excess of $2 million for the Salvation Army's Holiday Food Basket program, helping the needy at a time when it is needed most – the holiday season.

In addition to the charitable funding, SAR Members also take pride in their volunteer efforts, selflessly giving their time to help rehab homes at Rebuilding Together, serve the homeless at Loaves and Fishes and pick up trash along the American River, to name a few.


Well aware of the public eye, SAR remains visible in local media and, sometimes, in national broadcasts. Whether it is on "increased all-cash purchases" or "the turning around of the market," SAR always looks forward to being the connection between the media and Sacramento's most professional REALTORS®.


Each month, SAR publishes Sacramento REALTOR®, a newsletter that is filled with articles about SAR's latest community involvement, the market condition and recent statistics. An Ethics Corner article keeps Members abreast with the REALTOR® Code of Ethics, while "About the Market" gives the latest information on the financial side of the business. You can also look forward to the insightful and motivating President's Perspective and EVP Exchange. Additionally, the newsletter features an updated Calendar of Events and publishes a list of New Members each month.


The most recent market statistics are important many Members. SAR uses the latest features from the MetroList MLS database to run sophisticated and specific reports that reflect the Sacramento market, giving REALTORS® a monthly review of data that shows both county-wide information as well as for individual zip codes. The monthly statistical reports are available from this web site back to 2002.