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Policy Development

The Sacramento Association of REALTORS'® (SAR) government and public affairs departments work year-round in the public policy and advocacy arenas, making sure that REALTORS'® professional interests are protected and promoted in the halls of local, state, and federal government. At SAR this is done through a three pronged process: Public Issues Forum, Government Relations Committee, and the Political Action Committee.

The Public Issues Forum is held at the SAR headquarters on the third Friday of every month, and is open to all members. At this forum, a local elected official or other governmental leader will speak on emerging civic issues throughout Sacramento County and West Sacramento. Issues surfaced in the Public Issues Forum are often forwarded to the Government Relations Committee for actions and recommendations. Members of the Government Relations Committee are appointed by the President of SAR. They review issues raised in the Public Issues Forum, and other current issues throughout the Sacramento region, and recommend actions to the Board of Directors.

SAR confines its efforts to issues affecting private property rights and private property values. Leadership does not take positions on any issues that do not have an impact on REALTORS® or the housing market.