Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District
The Sacramento Association of REALTORS® has renewed its partnership with the Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District (SMAQMD). SAR previously partnered with SMAQMD to distribute thousands of “Check Before You Burn” flyers to educate residents about approved burning days for wood stoves and fireplaces. This program was a great success in helping SMAQMD meet their federal air attainment standards by dramatically cleaning up the region’s air. SAR is now working with SMAQMD on creating a coalition to find ways to “green” housing in Sacramento. As local governments seek to comply with State requirements to reduce greenhouse gas emissions set by Assembly Bill 32 (2006), many are considering point-ofsale regulations. The Air Quality District, one of the greenest organizations in Sacramento, understands that point-of-sale is not an effective way to save energy or reduce pollution. SAR is working with them to develop ways to make green residential property a comprehensive, voluntary program. SAR has had several meaningful discussions with the District and other key public sector players on the issue. Had the Air Quality District not become involved, Sacramento would have considered implementing point-of-sale ordinances. Once greening methods are determined by this new coalition, SAR must ensure that they are at least as successful as the Association’s efforts with “Check Before You Burn”.