Dave Tanner
The two words are almost synonymous. As a community, REALTORS® are some of the most philanthropic people around. For instance, the Sacramento Association of REALTORS®, due to the generous contributions and hard work of its Members, is annually the largest single contributor to the Salvation Army in the Sacramento area. It has been reported that our CanTree food drive accounted for approximately 75% of the canned food distributed by them last year. The SAR Scholarship Trust distributes scholarship money to individuals at a greater rate than any other non-educational entity that we are aware of. Our annual distributions are several times greater than those distributions made by the C.A.R. Scholarship Fund. The generosity of our members has assisted hundreds of students in meeting their educational goals. SAR has been a leader in contributing money to the C.A.R. Housing Affordability Fund (HAF). This fund contributes to programs across the state, including several in the Sacramento area, that help recipients achieve the goal of home ownership. Now we have added the SAR Charitable Foundation, Inc. to our giving network. It was established as a way to coordinate our charitable giving to the community. The Foundation will act as the conduit for funds raised or contributed by our members to many charitable enterprises. It will include the CanTree fundraising and will distribute funds raised by the SAR Masters Club and the SAR Young Professionals Council. It will remain separate from the Scholarship program as that is a separate trust and it will remain separate from HAF as that is a CAR program. As we approach the New Year you will be asked to give to the Foundation as well as Scholarship and HAF. I hope that you will continue to give as generously as you have in the past. By strongly supporting these three entities, you not only greatly benefit the world in which you live but also greatly enhance the image of the REALTOR® community. I thank you in advance for your support.