Pam Poore
SAR has remarkably talented Members, and we are grateful for each one of them. Each one of you add to the fabric, color and texture of who our Association is. There is, however, one Member who stood out for her directness, dedication and dogmatic allegiance to the hungry in our community. That was Pam Poore. Pam joined SAR in 1993 after a career in education. She spent her whole real estate career working exclusively for Century 21-Select in Citrus Heights. Her broker David Lehman had high praise for this incredibly hard-working, compassionate woman. Her dedicated efforts earned her SAR’s REALTOR® of the Year and Lifetime Service Awards. The following three individuals served on SAR’s Christmas CanTree Committee. Their words give you a more personal insight into what Pam meant to our organization and those who knew her. Tim McGuire of Olsen and Fielding Mayflower wrote:
I had the pleasure of meeting a real go-getter for something called the Sacramento Association of REALTORS® Christmas CanTree, before I actually assisted with the program. It seems a REALTOR® was stopping by the office to get some corrugated cardboard for a sandwich board Christmas tree she was going to wear in a local parade. This was to bring awareness to the Christmas CanTree and all the hard work the REALTORS® do every year for the community through the Salvation Army. Into our office came Pam Poore, explaining the annual event to me and everyone in our office with the same pride I had heard from SAR’s Executive Officer Jim Sandman. Pam had us all excited about her efforts and soon left with cardboard aplenty. Over my 21+ years of working with Pam, I have appreciated the personal attention she gave to her committee efforts, her fellow committee members, the Salvation Army, and her Association. Pam was not one to take credit or inflate her status by announcing her efforts either professionally or personally but busied herself making sure she did the best job possible. Whether Pam was a committee member or chairperson, whether she was hosting clients or members from other Associations at her home in Newcastle, or overseeing Century 21 Select’s annual Picnic in the Park, Pam always went the extra mile building the vision of the positive nature of the task at hand. I have known of no one who personally quilts, sews or crafts more silent auction or raffle prizes that are more appreciated by their recipients than our own Pam Poore. Ten years ago when my wife Lynn and I purchased our home in Orangevale, it was Pam Poore who made sure we were taken care of and had the house that we did not even know we were looking for.
Kathy Fox offered this perspective on Pam:
Pam is a classic and is deeply missed. More than anything, she knew who she was and she was comfortable in her own skin. Pam never aspired to publicity for herself. Whether it was professionally or in her home community, Pam worked tirelessly on behalf of others. Not only did she take the lead for the Christmas CanTree for many years, but she was even happier when she was just “one of the committee.” Offering, not only her ideas, but making what became her famously sought-after, personally made aprons on behalf of the Christmas CanTree to be raffled off at the Regional Meetings, Pam could be counted on to extend “above the call of duty” efforts on the committee’s behalf. And, how she loved to build the CanTree! She was always there enthusiastically encouraging the work crews and plunging in herself making sure that the presentation was all it could be. Professionally, Pam worked tirelessly on her clients’ behalf. She was always polite, always fair and always the consummate professional. When a problem came up in a transaction, Pam’s experience was evident as she worked through the problem, making sure that all sides were treated well as she creatively expressed solutions. Agents never had to worry about approaching her when a situation came up because she could be counted on to deal with it creatively, appropriately and professionally. Her clients also recognized her professionalism as they referred their friends and family to her repeatedly. Pam delighted in participating in her church’s Vacation Bible Study and other activities. We often had conversations about getting more than we gave when we worked with kids and the miracle of seeing directions influenced and lives changed. Although Pam did not wear her faith on her sleeve, Pam had a quiet confidence in who she was and where she was going. When Pam got sick, she never expressed to me anger or frustration over her illness or the idea of why did it happen to her. She only expressed confidence that this was one of life’s speed bumps and that she would fight the good fight for as long as she could. And she did. When I think of Pam now, I remember her smile, her laughter and her deep concern that others are all right. She found her joy in serving others. Her legacy is wrapped up in her family and her community, and the knowledge that they will go on being the best that they can be, in part, because Pam was a strong, quiet and happy influence on their lives. Pam is a classic. She will never be replaced. She is remembered with great fondness and is deeply missed.
MetroList’s Dave Howe had this to share:
Pam is known by all for being the most… giving, kind, ever smiling, helpful, generous, thoughtful, talented, smart, quick witted, trustworthy, well organized and reverent towards God! Last fall, I visited Pam at her home in Newcastle to check on her and how she was doing in her battle against her illness. We had a long conversation about the steps she had taken and the journey ahead. Pam admitted that she tired easily and was not looking forward to her treatments… six months of them! After a nice visit and far reaching conversation, I asked her if she needed anything? Pam’s response was simple “If it turns out that I have to go, I have no problem going, because I know where I’m going and have deep faith in heaven above… my biggest concern is for those I will leave behind.” That’s Pam-ALWAYS putting those around her first! To me Pam is an angel of hope whose spirit seeks to find those in need and help them.