Dave Tanner
We have recently passed through one of the most hectic administrative periods of the year for the Association. We had the collection of annual dues for NAR, C.A.R., SAR and Masters Club, as well as the quarterly fees for MetroList, and voluntary contributions for Political Action, the Scholarship Trust, the Charitable Foundation and the C.A.R. Housing Affordability Fund. Throughout this stressful period as well as all other times of the year, your Association staff tries their very best to provide personalized and quality service to every one of our members. If, due to the pressures of the moment, we may on occasion fail to achieve that goal, I sincerely apologize. On the other hand, we ask the members to keep in mind that staff does not set policy. We are merely charged with administering the policies set by your governing entities. We implement policies set by the NAR, C.A.R. and the SAR Board of Directors as well the MetroList Board of Directors and the Masters Club Steering Committee. We have no authority to waive or modify those policies. If a late arriving payment results in an imposition of a late fee or a disruption of service as required by policy, we may sympathize with any hardship that may create for you, but we must follow the policies we are given. We are confident that if you reflect on it for a moment you would agree that you would not want staff deciding whether or not they are going to follow policies that they are charged with implementing. Members should be confident that every policy is applied equally to all members of the Association. If you receive quality service from a member of our staff, please tell them thanks. If you receive exceptional service consider sending them an email telling them so. If you send that email, please send a copy to me at dtanner@sacrealtor.org. Likewise, if you receive what you consider to be unsatisfactory service, please let me know that as well. We are always looking for ways to improve our member relations whenever we can. One of the policies that will receive emphasis over the next several weeks is the collection of dues for licensees who are affiliated with REALTOR® brokers and have not paid their REALTOR® dues. The NAR mandatory dues formula that has been in effect for over twenty years provides that the dues owed by each Designated REALTOR® equals an amount established by multiplying the individual dues owed times the number of licensees affiliated with that firm and reduced by the number of licensees that have paid their dues themselves. The Designated REALTOR® is then responsible for paying the balance. In the past, NAR has instructed local associations to enforce the policy but have not been able to police it well. Now, with access to the computerized databases of licensing agencies such as DRE, NAR is able to determine exactly how many licenses are being held by each Designated REALTOR®. Under the terms of the three-way agreement between NAR, C.A.R. and SAR they have new teeth in the enforcement process. NAR simply bills C.A.R. for all those unpaid dues. C.A.R. has no option but to pay those dues. C.A.R. will then bill each local association for the dues attributed to their members. When SAR receives that bill we will likewise have no choice but to pay the dues owed. SAR cannot absorb those costs. We must collect the dues from the Designated REALTORS® that owe them. It would not be fair to use other member’s dues to meet that financial obligation. We hope that all members will understand as we move forward with enforcement of this policy.