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The Board of Directors of the California Association of REALTORS® meets three times per year to set policy and conduct the business of the Association. The most recent meetings were held May 1 – 4, 2013 at Sacramento, CA. Some of the more significant actions taken are as follows: The appointment for Trustees for the two Political Action Committees for terms beginning in November 2013 were made. Trustees from Region 3 include: cREPAc Trustees for 2013-2015 – Eva Garcia cREPAc Alternate for 2013-2014 – Doug Covill IMPAc Trustee for 2013-2015 – Paula Colombo IMPAc Alternate for 2013-2014 – Kim Tucker The Membership committee proposed that C.A.R. urge NAR to modify the dues formula related to real estate licensees working exclusively as MLOs. This recommendation will be forwarded to NAR for consideration. The Professional Standards committee proposed that C.A.R. support a position that local associations must notify the broker of salesperson complainant about an ethics complaint being filed provided confidentiality can be ensured. This recommendation will be forwarded to NAR for consideration. The Ethics and Professionalism Task Force wrapped up their work after many months of meetings. See the results of their efforts in a separate report. Several recommendations for legislative action at the federal and/or state level were made. 1. That C.A.R., in conjunction with NAR, SUPPORT the expansion of FHA 203(k) program to investors. 2. That C.A.R. OPPOSE the implementation of CalEnviroScreen. 3. That C.A.R. OPPOSE AB 667 and SB 673 which would require local agencies to complete an economic impact report prior to permitting the construction of alteration of any project using public funds or subsidies. 4. That C.A.R. OPPOSE AB 543 which would require lead agencies to translate cEQA documents and notices when the affected community has a “substantial” number of non-English speaking people. 5. That C.A.R. WATCH AB 145 which would consolidate drinking water programs within the Department of Public Health and the State Water Board. 6. That C.A.R. SUPPORT legislation which would reduce the amount of the fire fee, while maintaining C.A.R. policy in opposition to the fee, and to emphasize that the funds must be directed to fire districts rather than being placed in the general fund. 7. That C.A.R. OPPOSE AB 561 which would impose a documentary transfer tax upon a 100% change of ownership. 8. That C.A.R. OPPOSE SB 391 which would impose a fee of $75 to record every real estate instrument not part of a sales transaction to fund affordable housing. 9. That C.A.R., in conjunction with NAR, SUPPORT FHA risk based pricing. 10. That C.A.R., in conjunction with NAR, OPPOSE and cap on FHA market share. 11. That C.A.R., in conjunction with NAR, OPPOSE a reduction in the FHA 100 percent guarantee. 12. That C.A.R. OPPOSE SB 652 requiring disclosure and recording of a construction defect claim. 13. That C.A.R. SUPPORT AB 1220 which enables consumers denied credit to receive the same credit report provided to the denier of credit. 14. That C.A.R. OPPOSE SB 630 which would overturn the agreement reached by the multi-state Tahoe Regional Planning Agency in order to appease two environmental groups unhappy with the original agreement. 15. That C.A.R. SPONSOR legislation in 2014 to specifically address unlawful occupation of residential property by squatters.