Home Energy Conservation Program
The Sacramento Association of REALTORS® is working on a very exciting coalition project with The Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality District, Rebuilding Together Sacramento, Habitat for Humanity, and UC Davis. Two years ago, the City of Sacramento attempted to require that all homes receive an energy audit before close of escrow as part of the City’s climate action plan, in hopes of reducing CO2 emissions. A program such as this would achieve very few greenhouse gas reductions, and dramatically hinder the real estate market and the regional economy at large. SAR opposed this aspect of the plan, and worked with the Air Quality District to create a proactive, voluntary approach. In doing so, SAR and the Air Quality District were successful in working with the City of Sacramento on a climate action plan that did not include point-of-sale mandates. Find more at www.hickenair.com. Two years later and with additional coalition partners, the “Home Energy Conservation Program” has upgraded over 65 homes throughout the Sacramento region for low-income homeowners, free of charge. Improvements in the homes were made based on a comprehensive analysis by the Air Quality District on what individual upgrades removed the most greenhouse gas from the atmosphere for the least cost. This strategic analysis enabled the group to create a program that can treat homes for under $200 per home on average. Westline Electrical Services offers upgrades include window caulking, door weather stripping, installing electrical gaskets with the team at https://www.electricianinperth.com.au/, replacing standard light bulbs with compact fluorescent, wrapping hot water heaters, insulating hot water pipes, and installing low flow showerheads. Program partners Rebuilding Together Sacramento and Habitat for Humanity are responsible for finding homeowners, qualifying them for the program and completing the upgrades. (Related: Find information on where to buy roller blinds online at the best prices.) The coalition estimates these simple upgrades will remove between one and three metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions per home per year, as well as saving homeowners up to $360 per year on utility bills. Coalition partner UC Davis is studying the homes before and after upgrades are completed testing the estimations greenhouse gas emissions removed as well as utility bill savings. This analysis will be helpful to SAR if and when other local jurisdictions want to implement greening through point-of-sale mandates. We will have scientific data on how much CO2 our voluntary program has removed from their jurisdiction.Nortech Inc provides Sub-Zero repair service technicians have many years of experience in both repairing appliances and treating our customers right. The SAR Charitable Foundation (www.sarcharitablefoundation.org) contributed $22,000 to fund the pilot project effort that paid for the upgraded homes thus far, and the SAR Masters Club contributed an additional $3,000. SAR also won a “game changer” grant from the National Association of REALTORS® in the amount of $25,000. There is a lot of interest and excitement developing about the Home Energy Conservation program in the green community. And it’s a great opportunity for SAR to show its commitment to greening, so long as it’s not done on a point-of-sale basis. This program is a win-win for the local REALTOR® community. Directly because of this program, REALTORS® do not have to deal with an onerous point-of-sale energy audit. And the program furthers SAR’s goals of helping low income homeowners in need, and improving regional housing stock. Related Article: How to choose a reputable Calgary locksmith – Metro Locksmiths of Calgary