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A new SAR committee is working to encourage and organize REALTOR® volunteers. The Volunteer Coordinating Committee, chaired by REALTOR® Kelean Barragan, will promote volunteer activities both within SAR and to the general public. Committee members are researching the charities that SAR has traditionally supported to learn about volunteer opportunities. “I’m excited and honored to have been asked to chair this committee,” Kelean said. “Our tasks will be to find the volunteers and to find the opportunities. We know REALTORS® are great at serving their community. This committee will help more people get involved.” The committee meets at 10:30 a.m. on the first Tuesday of the month at SAR, following the Main Meeting. More committee members would be welcome. However, it is not necessary to join the committee or come to meetings to become an SAR volunteer. The committee will develop and publish lists of opportunities available to all SAR Members. To sign up for the committee or to learn more, contact Tony Vicari at