real-estate-company-technologyEven those who have previously resisted learning how to stay up-to-date on all of society’s technological advances are now coming to terms with the fact that technology is quickly taking over most industries. However hesitant you are to try new things, there’s no denying that technology has improved the way business is conducted, and this can be said about real estate transactions, especially. Agents are finding new and improved ways to connect with buyers and sellers and spend more time getting results out in the field while still staying in contact with the office. Here are a few technology tools that every real estate company should utilize if they want to perform at the top of their game.

Mobile Electronic Devices

Computers are great, but they simply aren’t enough anymore and can tie an agent down to their desk for long periods of time. Smartphones, laptops and tablets are essential for communicating with clients and managing listings on the go. These mobile electronic devices allow agents to be more readily available and provide quick responses to any requests. It also eliminates the need for traveling around with mounds of paperwork since any of these gadgets can organize everything in one easily accessible spot.


A picture says a thousand words, and no one should know this better than a top-notch real estate company. Photos are generally the first thing to grab a buyer’s attention, and bad ones have the potential to turn people away before they even take the time to find out anything about a property. So many houses for sale in Skerries are now being featured online with at least one photo. MLS listings should come complete with plenty of professional looking photos, and oftentimes, it’s up to the agent to make sure images are up to par. That’s why it’s a good idea to invest in a camera (cell phone cameras won’t cut it) that will capture the features of a home in the best way possible, which can lead to a faster sale.

Cloud Storage

Cloud storage gives real estate agents the advantage of file sharing and the convenience of locating documents in a timely manner from any remote location. This avoids having to wait on fax machines or emails to obtain the information that’s needed. Cloud storage also provides a safe place for client details to be backed up and stored in the event that a real estate company gets hit with a security breach of some kind.

Digital Signature Mobile App

There are numerous mobile applications that real estate agents can benefit from, but one that offers digital signatures is a must-have. Imagine all the paperwork that has to be completed during a home buying or selling transaction, and then think about all the time that could be saved if clients had the ability to securely sign documents wherever they are without having to schedule more face-time. That’s exactly what digital signature apps do, and your clients are sure to love you for it.

QR Codes

Adorning your fliers, lawn signs and business cards with quick response codes enables potential buyers to be directly linked to a property of interest for further details. In using QR codes, agents are able to track visitors and reach out to them shortly thereafter, making it simple to follow up on hot leads. QR codes generate the most positive feedback when they lead to a website that is informative, engaging and mobile-friendly. Any real estate company who is looking to be more efficient and rise above their competitors should consider implementing the use of these technology tools. About the Author Tiffany Olson is a full-time professional blogger and real estate enthusiast from Northern California. When she’s not blogging you will usually find her traveling, cooking or making art.