real-estate-lawWhen you decide to purchase a home, it’s likely that the neighborhood will be one of the top factors you take into consideration, with high hopes that you and your family will have a great experience there for many years to come. Unfortunately, you can’t know for sure what kind of neighbors you’re going to get in the deal, and living in such close proximity can make things very tense if you don’t see eye to eye on neighbor etiquette. Various issues may lead to minor neighbor disputes before they’re ultimately squashed between the two parties. However, there might come a time that you face a situation that can’t be resolved amicably, and thus, have to turn to real estate law to help settle the matter. Below are some of the most common topics that start unneighborly feuds every day.

Property Lines

Property line debates have been creating hostility between neighbors for decades. This generally occurs when one party mistakenly believes their property to include a certain portion of land that actually belongs to the other party. Questions may start to develop if a new fence is being built or trees begin to grow into the next yard. Boundaries can usually be easily established by looking at title documents or having a property survey performed.

Excessive Noise

Excessive noise continues to be a leading complaint among neighbors despite community ordinances and real estate laws that are designed and put into place to keep it from being a problem. Loud music, parties that go on late into the night and vehicle or burglar alarms that are neglected to be shut off are a few examples of unacceptable noises that can trigger serious annoyance in the neighborhood.

Keeping the Property in Poor Appearance

Living next door to someone who doesn’t care to keep up on the appearance of their property can be a major source of bad blood between neighbors. Who wants to come home every day to see overflowing trash cans, peeling paint, dog poop on the lawn, distasteful signs, etc., which affects the appeal and value of the entire neighborhood? There are real estate laws – such as private nuisance – that are meant to protect a homeowner who is experiencing a loss of enjoyment of their property because of a neighbor allowing their own property to deteriorate.

Bothersome Children and/or Pets

Regardless of how cute and cuddly they can be, children and pets are simply seen as a bother to some people and they don’t want to be anywhere near them. Some will resort to using an electric dog fence to get some separation. When this is the case, there isn’t much that can be done to fix it, but arguments are more frequently the result of things like children entering a neighbor’s yard without permission, dogs barking incessantly, children or animals damaging a property, etc. Parents and pet owners are responsible for watching after their children and pets and must teach them proper behavior. The last thing you want is unnecessary drama with a neighbor to ruin your otherwise perfect living environment, but sometimes, there’s just no avoiding it. Become familiar with the real estate laws in your state so that if any of these controversies arise you can make an informed decision on how best to proceed.