ron_greenwoodYes, I am hearing, seeing, and experiencing firsthand how this year is off to a very strong start. In fact, there is not a week that goes by that I don’t get contacted by someone in the press for a statement regarding our current market. Last week I was interviewed by Walt Gray with Channel 10 to discuss the reasons and prospects for our improving real estate market, Citrus Heights Newspaper regarding why Citrus Heights and Elk Grove seem to be doing so well, and finally Comstock Magazine to discuss Sacramento County’s improved position regarding what the reporter called “Granny Flats” (which we refer to as Alternative Housing). Regardless, everyone seems to see the real positive aspect to our market.

Professionalism, Trust, and Respect are the keys to success for all of our members. When I was training and teaching new agents as a manager, it was very obvious that the agents who embraced these tenets were the ones who would go on to be the most successful. They also have been the happiest in their careers and (surprisingly) have had less stress. However, Professionalism, Trust and Respect must be earned, and probably more importantly, protected. As I mentioned, listings seem to be coming on the market and getting “gobbled up” quickly, with a fair number of multiple offers. Prices in some markets are also increasing. But, with that CHANGE, we always seem to see some of our members and Brokers unfortunately get lured and attracted to making as much money as they can while showing little or no regard to the importance of ETHICS and FAIRNESS in dealing with other agents and their clients.

This month I have been contacted by several agents expressing their frustration in trying to find and show homes to their buyers. We are (again) seeing new listings go on MLS that have restricted showings making it practically impossible to show. Then, the very day they are listed and before other potential buyers can even see them, they go pending, etc. Other “potential” buyers (and their agents) are frustrated and questioning why they were not given at least a chance to see the listing and possibly submit an offer. I know sometimes buyers even question the efficacy of their agent and our system (i.e. why do they even need an agent?). One has to wonder in some cases how this was best for the seller, too. This is, unfortunately, the DARK SIDE of our business that always must be watched and cleaned up. It is up to EACH and EVERY ONE of us to report instances where we see abuses take place. We all adhere to a written and established Code of Ethics via our membership to C.A.R. and NAR. I hope every one of you think about what is FAIR to everyone in a given transaction. Think way beyond what your gain will be. Most importantly, please always adhere to our PATHWAY TO PROFESSIONALISM, earn and deserve the TRUST of everyone with whom we work, and of course gain the RESPECT of our clients and fellow agents. But, action cannot be taken unless each of us take some action and report possible violators.

Finally, March was another very busy month for me as your President. It began with our Main Meeting on Tuesday, March 3, with a great presentation by Gov Hutchison from CAR. He has become a regular speaker, bringing an incredible array of information regarding issues around our state and our Association. In addition, we were proud to recognize and induct this year’s new President for our Masters Club, LORI LOGAN. It was an incredible event as we paid special tribute to our Outgoing President, LUIS SUMPTER, and thanked him for his outstanding leadership in 2014-15. I cannot tell you how many of our leadership team continue to come from the Masters Club leadership. The cream definitely does float to the top. Of course, the event was heavily attended with a very festive theme and great celebration. I must congratulate each and every one of you who were recognized, from the first time inductees, to the Continuing Members, Life Members, and of course, the proven champions, the Outstanding Life Members.

This month I also asked our representatives and Metrolist® Executives to meet with me to discuss how the recent mergers between Zillow and Trulia and third-party intermediaries are going to impact our business. Most importantly, I wanted to know how our leadership and representatives are addressing recent changes, and if they have any concerns. I must tell you, I was impressed by how in tune they are with the most important part of our business, the MLS and our most valued information. We are in GOOD HANDS.

p>BARBARA HARSH and I also made a special presentation regarding California’s WATER and our ongoing DROUGHT. While lightly attended, we had some excellent dialogue, and Barbara shared all of her historical knowledge from growing up with a father that was a big part of the Folsom Dam. I, of course, took it from where we currently stand with water drought activities and what to expect going forward. This is such an important topic that DOES and WILL affect our business and our everyday life. Finally, last week I got attend the Carmichael Chamber Person of the Year, where Dusty Baker was recognized. In addition, Alan and Nancy Davis were recognized for their contribution to the downtown development of the Malagro Center.

In closing, I want to thank each and every one of you for your hard work and efforts that make our Association and industry so successful. I hope 2015 is one of your best years ever.

– Ron Greenwood