SacramentoThe May Main Meeting featured Ben van der Meer, real estate and development reporter with the Sacramento Business Journal. Ben has been with the paper for three years and has been a journalist in Northern California for over 17 years. His reports on development in the real estate industry are widely anticipated by industry professionals everywhere. Ben touched on what is happening with housing in multiple local areas:


  • Natomas has about 3,000 entitled but unbuilt units
  • Delta Shores: 5,200 homes planned
  • Infill: SACOG says 30k new homes in 20 years downtown

Elk Grove:

  • 600 building permits approved last year
  • On track for 700 new homes in 2016
  • Currently 10K units in some form of entitled status

Rancho Cordova:

  • 900 lots under construction
  • Bridgeway Square Apartments recently approved


  • 350 new housing units to be built this year and again in 2017
  • City estimates 500 to 600 in 2018, based on availability of new lots in Folsom Plan area

Ben also touched on other developments including The Creamery, McKinley Village, and The Mill at Broadway.
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