pipesThis month’s Article concerns a potentially major disclosure issue which could exist in many subdivisions built in the early 1990’s throughout the greater Sacramento. At that time, many major developers, including Plumber in Oakville, Ontario, used a new type of plumbing services for pipe and fittings branded as “Kitec.” Because of its flexibility, low cost, and ease ofinstallation, it quickly replaced copper in housing developments and for standard air conditioner repair practices all throughout the United States. Unfortunately, the brass Kitec fittings allowed a chemical reaction to take place which eventually weakened the fittings, causing them to fail. Not to mention the accumulation of dregs & salts in the pipes, areas whicha ren’t accessible to us. But howbeit, this problem is better prevented than faced, and you can do that by installing a salt free water softener. Similar problems caused the pipes to fail. The failure can cause water leakage and flooding in homes, resulting in severe property damage costing thousands of dollars to repair, you can find a solution by hiring drain cleaning hawthorne nj services. For example, it is present in 2,500 of the 6,800 homes in Sun City Lincoln Hills (whe re I live). Kitec problems have also occurred in Sacramento, Placer, and El Dorado Counties. Why is this important to Real Estate Agents? If you are listing or representing a buyer of a home built in the early 1990’s, you should inquire if the Seller is aware if the home has Kitec plumbing. Buyers should look for this in their Home Inspection Reports. While examination of the plumbing is not a requirement for agents under the TDS and AVID, agents are often presumed to have a higher knowledge of conditions in the communities where they do business. If you need to have your plumbing checked hire local cheap plumbing companies to help you stay in your budget. If a subsequent non–disclosure lawsuit is brought by an affected buyer, the agents and brokers could likely find themselves involved even if they did not have any actual knowledge of the defect. How can it be a defect if it hasn’t leaked? Significantly, liability can arise even if the Kitec plumbing has not failed. Statistical information indicates that it is not a matter of if the Kitec will fail, but rather when the Kitec will fail. Replacement can require opening the walls and any additional areas where the pipes have been run and costs can be thousands of dollars. Therefore, unless a seller had replaced the plumbing, upon resale they would have to disclose their knowledge of this defect and that could have a material effect on selling price. While there is a Federal class action lawsuit settlement that could eventually provide some funds for replacement/drain repair Apopka Florida, this would not be a defense to a non–disclosure lawsuit. The Kitec systems all include water heaters, if any of these ever breaks down then contact this heating repair service. What should an owner do if they believe they have Kitec plumbing? Most plumbers and home inspectors are aware of this and can evaluate whether Kitec piping is present in a home. Estimates of repair will vary dependent upon the type of home. At a minimum, a seller should disclose the existence of Kitec plumbing. If they want to pursue a claim through the Class Action, they can get more information at kitecsettlement.com. If your leaky pipes around the house have caused damage to the walls and the paint on it, then click on painter near me to find professional painters to get your house to look perfect again. We hope that you will find this Article helpful in your real estate activities. Please feel free to forward this to any property owners or others that you think may benefit from this information. As always, if you have any questions about your real estate or any legal matter, please call us at (916) 966–2260 or email me. Attorney Steve J. Beede, President, BPE Law Group, P.C.