yes_on_b“Given the decrepit condition of so much of Sacramento County’s transportation infrastructure, it would be foolish to wait. We recommend that county voters approve Measure B.” – The Sacramento Bee, September 7th 2016 Measure B is good for neighborhoods – Measure B requires 75% of all Measure B funds to be used for “Fix it First” repair and maintenance work during the first five years. This means filling potholes, fixing cracked asphalt, and adding bicycle, ADA and pedestrian safety enhancements on hundreds of miles of local roads as it is easier to prevent accident than pursuing compensation for an auto accident. Measure B also expands low or no cost service to seniors, disabled and veterans, as well as smart investments to improve our transit system. Measure B is good for the region – Measure B includes key regional projects that will help reduce traffic congestion and improve air quality:
  • Expansion of Capital City Freeway between downtown and Interstate 80
  • Extend Light Rail to Elk Grove and the Airport
  • Connect Folsom and Elk Grove with the SE Connector to relieve traffic on I-5, Hwy 99 and Hwy 50
Measure B is good for the economy – Measure B generates $3 billion of local funding over 30 years that will help generate tens of millions more in state and federal matching dollars for projects that we determine locally. That’s an investment in hundreds of local companies and thousands of local jobs with strong accountability measures built into the law. First responders, business and labor organizations, seniors, transit and environmental advocates, Democrats and Republicans, and working families all support Measure B. For more information about Measure B or to contact the campaign please visit: