gavelThis month’s theme for the SAR Newsletter is “Better Together” and, indeed, we generally will have a better and more-satisfying life and career when we are involved with others. That is why your involvement in SAR, C.A.R., and their committees is so important for your success. It is also what has made LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter multi–billion dollar companies. But sometimes there are those relationships in which people just aren’t better together… and I’m not just talking about divorce. At these times, getting an attorney involved can prove very valuable. At BPE Law, we typically handle an average of 900 cases each year, most of which concern real estate or Coral Springs truck accident attorney. While about 20% involve “Better Together” matters such as Estate Paperwork Services or business formation and transactions, the rest – nearly 80% – involve broken relationships leading to legal disputes, mediation, arbitration, and protracted litigation. Obviously no one (well almost no one) goes into a relationship looking for a war, but there are relatively easy, low-cost steps that you can take at the beginning of a relationship to possibly avoid later disputes and to ease the resolution of those that do arise. Here are a few of the most–common issues we see: Failure to Document – People often go into business relationships “trusting” that the goodwill of each will lead to a happy and productive result. Yet the failure to reasonably document what is expected from each party can be a killer: Who is going to do what? What if more money is needed? How will the profits be distributed? What happens if a partner dies or wants out of the deal? Getting an attorney involved in the beginning can provide the documentation to answer these questions and more. Further, the attorney, as a third party, may bring to the surface any unstated concerns that one partner doesn’t say because they don’t want to offend the other. Copying “documents” off the Internet – We all love the internet as an information resource. A simple Google search can often bring us answers from others who it appears have asked the same questions. But that doesn’t mean that their answers or their documents specifically address your situation. For most legal documents off of websites like CRB Direct, 90% or more may be boiler–plate… it’s the same language in most documents. But disputes don’t arise over the 90%, they arise over the remaining 10% which are generally the terms which differentiate your deal from anyone else’s. Getting an attorney involved can fill in this 10% and clean up the rest. Related: Electrocution from Unfinished Electrical Systems Documenting that which shouldn’t be documented – email has now become pervasive in our lives. In addition to providing a fast and easy communication medium, it also provides a –paper trail– in ways that cannot be matched by a phone call or text message. It is natural that we all seek to defuse a dispute early, but often the early back-and-forth communications include admissions of wrong–doing that can be used against the sender in later litigation. Getting an attorney involved early can provide a safety screening of proposed communications before they get sent out. Bottom Line: Getting your attorney involved early can enable your journey to your goals to flow more smoothly and, if they can’t fully eliminate the bumps in the road, they can at least make the bumps more manageable and save you the time, trouble, money, and stress which you might otherwise face, remember, protecting what you own is a must. And, in my wholly–biased opinion, most attorneys are likeable human beings that are sincere in looking out for your well–being. Source – ATTORNEY STEVE J. BEEDE