There isn't a Broker Tour, however, there are two options – a region–specific SAR Tour and the County–wide Sacramento Open Tour.

The SAR Tours are region–specific tours to which you can add your listing(s). These Tours coincide with SAR’s weekly Regional Meetings every Tuesday (except the 1st Tuesday of the month). When you add your listing to one of the SAR Tours, you are required to attend the coinciding Regional Meeting and pitch your listing to the SAR Members in attendance.

The Sacramento Open Tour is a county–wide tour sheet to which you can add your listing. There is no meeting to attend, no pitching to SAR Members and no specific time. You can input your preferred time depending on the needs of the seller and your own schedule. Time can be listed in the "Comments" section. The Sacramento Open Tour sheet is distributed to each Regional Meeting and is also available to all MetroList® subscribers (not the general public).

You may only add your listing to the specific SAR Tour that includes your listing’s zip code.

Please visit this page to view the specific zip codes that are covered by each SAR Tour.

Yes, as long as the SAR Tour is the correct one for your listing. See which zip codes each SAR Tour covers here.

Currently, there are five (5) separate SAR Regional Meetings throughout Sacramento County. Locations, times, and contact information can be found on each Regional Meeting page.

Using MetroList® Prospector – Once you’re logged in, pull up the listing you wish to add to the Sacramento Open Tour or SAR Tour. Click "revise listing." On the next page, click "Caravan Dates." On this page, you can browse all of the local (and not so local) tours. Select the appropriate SAR Tour for your listing, input any pertinent information (time, gate code, vacant w/lockbox, etc.) and click the "Save" button in the top left corner. Don't forget to confirm with the coordinators that you want your listing to be included on the next caravan.

Log into MetroList® Prospector – From the home page, hover the cursor over the "Listings" tab. From the drop down menu, select the "Caravan" option. From the next page, you can browse all local (and not so local) tours – they are sorted chronologically. Check the box to the left of the caravan/tour you wish to view and click the "Reports" button at the top left. This will show you which listings are featured on that specific tour. Click the "Reports" button at the top left to choose how you want listing information to display or click the "Map" button to see the listings on a map.