Sacramento Association of REALTORS® Annual Christmas CanTree

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What is CanTree?

The Christmas CanTree is an annual fundraising drive sponsored by the Sacramento Association of REALTOR® (SAR), which culminates in building of giant Christmas trees made entirely of canned foods. Since 1983, SAR has raised over $2 million to help feed Sacramento's hungry citizens. Follow us on Facebook »

Who Benefits?

More than 150,000 local individuals are expected to benefit from the food contributed through CanTree, according to The Salvation Army. The food donated will be distributed to needy families and individuals through The Salvation Army’s Holiday Food Basket and year–round food assistance program. The CanTree is a critical factor in successfully feeding thousands of people in the Sacramento region. The Christmas CanTree Project routinely raises $65K–80K per year.

Who's Involved?

The Christmas CanTree is sponsored by SAR, but many organizations and individuals contribute to its success through donations of food, money, or goods and services. SAR Members are encouraged to raise money through their own company efforts and fundraisers.

Why is the Salvation Army the beneficiary of the CanTree?

The Salvation Army is a well–established community organization with over 120 years of service. The Army's computerized application and review process is one of the most accurate in the area. This enables The Army to eliminate duplications and more fairly distribute food to the greatest number of needy people.

Where is the CanTree built?

The CanTree will be constructed at one location: the Sunrise Mall.

When does it all happen?

Community CanTree campaigns run from September through December. SAR seeks help from corporations and businesses, large and small, throughout the summer and fall.

What are the goals of Christmas CanTree?

The goal for the Sacramento area is to reach a new fundraising record of $100,000. In the span of this project, SAR has raised more than $2 million for The Salvation Army. The ultimate goal of the Sacramento Association of REALTOR® is to raise enough moneys each Christmas to supply The Salvation Army of Sacramento with food for the Holiday Food Basket Program.

How can people participate?

There are three ways to get involved:

  1. Individuals or businesses may bring canned food or cash donations to the Sacramento Association of REALTORS® at 2003 Howe Avenue during business hours (7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.) during the months of November and December. The types of food needed include vegetables, fruit, pasta, beans and soup.

  2. Individuals or businesses may mail a check for the purchase of food to: The Sacramento Association of REALTOR®, 2003 Howe Avenue, Sacramento, CA 95825. Checks should be made payable to Salvation Army. All cash and check donations are used solely for the purchase of food.

  3. Individuals or businesses may donate items that can be used for raffles and for SAR’s silent auctions. Money is raised through the various SAR meetings that are held during the CanTree "season" and used for food purchase.

  4. For more information, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at (916) 437-1220.